John Croughin Info

Here I'm putting the information I have found about or on John Croughin as well as on his companies.
Please keep in mind all this information is PUBLIC and could be found with out paying any fees or private investigator. It's purpose is to help you in case you decide to take him to court for justice.

His address:
223 Shwanee Valey Dr (Community)
46 Pin Oak Lane
East Stroudsburg PA 18302
His Phone Numbers:
  1. 570-213-1367
  2. 570-424-1327
  3. 570-269-8986
  4. 1800-340-6354

Companies he operates under (So far I have seen 7 different names, only 2 of them are registered and have a PA license to operate):
  1. TC Paving -----------License # PA 053103
  2. TCP Paving
  3. J and J Paving or J &J Paving -----License # PA 055133
  4. JC Paving
  5. JC Paving and Masonry
  6. JC Superior Paving
  7. J Paving
If you wounder how many registration he can have the answer is UNLIMITED, to my knowledge so far he does not have any revoked registrations. Once he has revoked registrations he can't register new company under his name to get the registration.

But also keep in mind he has 5 (five) kids and I believe he can use any of there names to do his dirty, not quality work in our Neighborhoods.

You could find his and his wife's profiles on

To check up if he has registration (or any contractor you are looking to do a job for you can check them up at the following website:

On this site you can also file a complaint and quote:

"In certain instances, when there is a compelling public interest or where there are a number of complaints against the same business, the Bureau of Consumer Protection may file a lawsuit in state or federal court seeking relief on behalf of consumers."

So PLEASE if you are one of the victims of John Croughin, PLEASE, file the complaint with attorney general. It does not cost any money for you. But with a team effort I hope that we can do something to stop him from rubbing us.

Just think how excited you and your family must have been when you just hired him to do the job, all the promises to finish the next day, call you and let you know when he is coming and as it was in my case he took the money and never finished the job!!! Read my story here.

Other ways to check him up and let other people know what is "John Croughin professionalism" is.
 Better Business Bureau files on his companies:
  1. TC Paving
  2. TCP Paving
  3. J and J Paving or J &J Paving
  4. JC Paving
  5. JC Paving and Masonry - this one I'm not sure if it is him or not
  6. JC Superior Paving
  7. J Paving

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